Home page UX/UI redesign + rebranding campaign integration
In 2023 UScellular launched their industry-disrupting “Let's Find US" campaign, a company-wide effort to differentiate the brand from telecom competitors by encouraging people to put down their phones, disconnecting from tech to find “us" again through more meaningful, human connection.
The goal was to communicate the campaign via the home page, plus a new landing page dedicated to the new mission.
To support the campaign required a significant restructuring of the home page design and UX strategy. The previous home page had no clear strategy, and had primarily been used to showcase current promotions rather than what a home page should typically do - introduce the company and its offerings, and help users navigate to different areas of the site.

We needed a strategy that would organize content to improve the customer experience, better showcase the offerings for different types of customers, and highlight the new rebranding campaign.

Previous home page

As part of a small project team, I played a key role in the visual design and overall strategy for the new home page.
In terms of strategy, this involved demonstrating how the home page could better serve the brand by moving away from marketing-heavy content. This was anticipated to be a potential challenge, considering many internal and external stakeholders had viewed the home page as the highest value real estate for their marketing content.
In terms of visual design, we needed a cleaner, simpler, and more organized presentation of content with a clear hierarchy and tie-in to the company mission.
Working closely with agency partners, the marketing team, and digital stakeholders, we gathered high-level goals including key messaging points to be used in the campaign, content for the landing page, and input from the team on issues with the previous home page. Additionally, I conducted a competitive analysis on mission-driven retailers to gather insights into how best to integrate the mission into the messaging, and how best to strike a balance between education and marketing messaging, which would be important for building a sense of trust and authenticity tied to the new mission.

Competitive analysis of home page content for mission-driven organizations, including Patagonia

The redesigned home page ensured the new campaign and mission was bold and distinctive on the page, and above the fold for greater visibility. The campaign was given a minimalist treatment to align with the message of limiting distraction and using technology with intention. Business stakeholders' considerations were also taken into account, with high priority deals placed more thoughtfully and with a clear visual hierarchy. The various lines of business, including plans for home internet and small business, were also given equal weight with wireless plans in order to showcase all of the brand's services, and help visitors navigate to the right place.

Overview of initial page launch and strategy

Keeping future updates in mind, the new home page used a modular design in which new campaign content could be rotated in, while keeping evergreen content largely consistent.
The new design led to several key improvements in page performance, including a 48% improvement in click rate, a 15% improvement in conversions, and a 9% reduction in bounce rate.

Home page designs with refreshed mission-focused campaign content

Keywords: UX, UI, user experience, user interface, responsive design, branding, mission driven, ADA, WCAG, accessibility
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