Wedding Invitation Branding
One True Pairing was a brand of unconventional invitation designs co-founded by myself
and a fellow designer.
The idea came from a noticeable lack of variety in design within the wedding industry, which tends to be overly feminine, conservative, and high-priced. Alternatively, we wanted an option for more niche tastes that would also be fun for us to create, for clients interested in a themed wedding or event, or who might simply want to add a personal touch to an otherwise traditional occasion.
From this we conceived the name One True Pairing in a nod to the world of geek fandom. For the branding, we wanted a bit of an edge that conveyed our illustrative aesthetic, while also running with the "pairing" theme. We drew inspiration from classic tattoo styles for the logo image and type.
Logo Concept

Business Card Concept

Website Design
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