Art Institute of Chicago, Adler Planetarium, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, et. al.
User Experience design
Visual design
Create a pass allowing free admission into six Chicago-area museums for teens from underserved communities, while also encouraging engagement with museum exhibits.
There were a number of challenges to consider in developing a single pass that could work for all six participating museums, each with their own ticketing systems and unique visitor experiences. The solution would have to be simple to use for everyone involved from end to end, including students redeeming the passes, box office and ticketing staff from each museum, the project’s social media manager, and anyone who might be processing demographic data collected from the redeemed passes.
The final product was a passport-style booklet distributed at schools, public libraries, and after-school programs. It contained general information, tear-off tickets with a form on the back for demographic info, and social media challenges to encourage visitors to engage with exhibits and share using unique hashtags. The booklet drew design inspiration from passports, antique maps, and field journals in order to create a sense of adventure and discovery.
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