Chicago Torture Justice Center website
Chicago Torture Justice Center
Website design/UI, info architecture
The Chicago Torture Justice Center is a community center for survivors of torture by Chicago police, established in 2016 after the passing of a historic Reparations Ordinance. The ordinance included the creation of a community center informed by the needs of survivors, their families, and community members.
The services are wide-ranging and include mental health services, counseling, case management, and community engagement.
Being the first and currently only community center of its kind in the country, our small design team had a fairly clean slate to develop the organization's branding and website. Among the few requests from the steering committee was the desire to begin veering away from the heavier imagery and language focused on their organization's political actions, and to instead focus more on the next steps towards healing. 
Initially starting with limited content for the website, I utilized their branded colors in the design with images of survivors front and center to humanize the lives behind the center's work. Over the course of the project, I researched non-profit sites, health and social service sites, and other industries for inspiration and to aid the organization in developing content.
In addition to the site design, I helped boost SEO and establish their various social media profiles to build their web presence from the ground up.
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