Just a handful of useful tips that should be kept under consideration
should we find ourselves working together.


of Visual Communication



Putting oneself in the mind of the consumer is essential to understanding what makes them tick.

Keep it relevant.

Everyone wants to hop on the social media bandwagon. But who wants to follow their neighborhood gas station or get an endless stream of junk mail from a store they shopped at once? Cut out the noise — post what you'd want to read.

Embrace different.

Typical = boring = forgettable!


Try to Do It Yourself.

If you have any sort of budget and no experience, invest in an expert! Image is everything. Would you cut your own hair before a big job interview?

Cut corners where it matters.

Yes, there are sites that promote cheap logos and website design packages, but you get what you pay for. (See haircut analogy.)

Pander to your demographic.

People can tell. And it's a turn-off. We all remember this travesty...

Try to please everyone.

You won't.

Try to be the next ___.

It's been done — improve upon existing ideas, or do something else.

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